Training on Research and Innovation

On behalf of Dr. Luqman Zakariyah (KIRKHS),


What are the available trainings for new staff on research and innovation? 



Training for janitors


I found that the cleanliness of many washrooms in the campus are not satisfactory. For example the leg part of the toilet bowls are dirty, and the water outlets on the floors are full of moss. I wonder if the janitors are given sufficient training in this aspect, or are they given the correct tools for this purpose.

Staff training for preservation/conservation of library items

The Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas Library has a vast of valuable collections. The staff should have some special skills to take care of these collections. What kind of training and courses they are required to attend, and who are the providers of those training.

Being polite, berbudi bahasa at the counter

This is very hard to write because it is not easy to describe, but I  strongly believe that we need a training on the use of proper phrases/language when attending to customers or when manning any service counters. From my observation, we are lacking, especially myself in that term. Not to say English, this is Malay. 


Are there any training provided for trainers? If yes, are they effective?

Criteria for the non-academic staff to go overseas training


What are the criteria for the non-academic staff to go overseas training?   


Problem of not updating the training record


How to address the problem of not updating the training record?   


Staff Competency


How to ensure that finance staff is competent/knowledgable?




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