Online databases

Embargo publication

While searching for journal articles, I came across the word "embargo". What is it?

Off campus access to online resources

1. How can I access online databases etc. off campus? 

2. Who has access to these resources from off-campus?

Perpetual Subscription

When subscription to online databases is perpetual, is it similar with one time purchase, once paid, library has access to it forever?

Pay Per-View

What databases could be subscribed based on pay per-view?

Subscription to Online Databases

With the current financial situation, many university libraries failed to continue subscription to online databases. What are among the strategies done by library to raise more fund.

Sharing Access to Online Databases

Online databases are so expensive, because of that many universities have to discontinue subscription to certain databases. Since all UAs (public universities) are using government's money to fund the subscription, can we just share among us whatever we subscribe to?

Online databases for specific courses

What are the online databases relevant for specific courses? 


Online databases - usage reports

Where do I get the usage reports for the online databases? 


Online databases subscription

What are the online databases subscribed to by IIUM Library? 


Online database - indexes


What are the databases referred to for indexes of journals published by IIUM ? 




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