Students admission

Would the university process applications received from Syiah applicants?

Students and Food Business

This is about students being allowed to do business within campus. I am curious if this situation has affected the income of the cafe operators. Was there any survey done for this matter?



Is AUKU applicable to IIUM students?

Spot check


Please share how do you conduct a spot check on students. We need to know all about the pre and post spot check. 


Pre test and post test

This is about the information literacy class. Please share if you have any plan to conduct a pre- test to evaluate how literate new students are (especially who came from CFS). Of course I do not mean a pop quiz that who knows the answer would put up their hands.

Manners at the counter

Students in CFSPJ like to address our senior female staff as "makcik" when they are dealing at the counter. It does not represent good manners of our students, like they do not know how to be polite. I think it is time for us to run a campaign to promote the correct and polite way when dealing with people. May be can include this in our next client day. What about main library? Don't you have this problem? Please share...

Thank you, wassalam.


Registered members in PJ

Just to share with you all the situation in PJ in 2015,

total number of new students = 3,986

total number registered as library members = 3,263

Really? They do not need the library? What actually has replaced us? I wonder how do they (non library member) survive through out their student years. May be this can be one of our research topic soon. 

Wallahu Ta'ala A'lam.

Students Involvement

How many students are involved?
How to make sure that all students participate in activities?



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