Suggestion box : Matric cards

Salam Alaikum,

Thank you first for giviing such place to hear about our wishes. i really can say that i enjoy my time here. But there are times that students cant remember where their matric cards or cant find them or forget them in their rooms and etc. Even sometimes some processes such as applying for new mahallah need to keep matric card for some time. During these time, all we ask is the understanding of the staff in the entrance. They can be helpful to the students in even when they dont have their matric cards with them for such occasions. Thank you , Wassalam.

implication for element breach of policy


What is the implication if there is an element breach of policy?

authority to approve the policy


Which authority has power to approve the policy?

Do we have a whistleblowing policy?



In the sharing of knowledge program recently, we were informed that to get full articles found in IREP, customers must use the ILL service. I want to know our policy on this. Is there any limitation to the request? Who are eligible to request, IIUM registered members only or also opened to other types of membership. What about walk-ins or daily users?


Research Policy

What are the policies available and useful for researchers? 


How do I get access to SAPER?


industrial link


what is the university policy on industrial research link? 



Where can I find the policies? 


Access to the IIUM policies, rules and regulations


How to access the IIUM policies, rules and regulations?

Please visit the website of respective KCDI




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