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Staff Portal


This is about the IIUM staff portal. Can we have a Community of Practice as a subsection under Knowledge Management. Make it as a link to iHikmah.

KM in librarianship field

I hereby attach an article regarding knowledge management implementation in librarianship field for our knowledge sharing. 

KM success indicator

What is the benchmark or how to measure the success of knowledge management implementation among the library staffs?

Knowledge Management implementation

Do the knowledge management approaches that  we implemented in the University are being used or implemented in other University in Malaysia?

Types of materials available in Knowledge Management Section


May I know what types of  materials available in Knowledge Management Section? Are they borrowable?

Knowledge Management In Academic Libraries: Librarians In The 21st Century

This article, written by Brendan E. Asogwa, was published in Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, Vol. 13, No. 2, June 2012. The author examines the contributions of librarians in knowledge management, and the implications for academic librarians. 



University's knowledge

Does our University have a lot of knowledge?

The need for Knowledge Management

Why do we need Knowledge Management?

Information resources in Knowledge Management

What is managed by Knowledge Management?

knowledge management: challenges

Is it possible that ‘knowledge management’ can become an empty slogan?




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