Benefits of IREP

What are the benefits of depositing in IREP?


Having skills in managing the library collection is very important for librarian. In the case of IREP, is there any skills required for librarian in managing the institutional repository collection? How about the future plan of IIUM library pertaining the preservation of materials in IREP?



What are the materials available in IREP? and what are the methods used by the IIUM library in recruiting content in IREP from faculty members?




When was IREP developed?

How is the acceptance of faculty members pertaining to the needs to do self-depositing in IREP from early development until now?

are there any obstacles face by the IIUM library in encouraging faculty members to participate in IREP?

IREP: Lack of Evidence

What if IIUM academics/researchers do not give enough evidence when depositing to the IREP?

IREP evidences

What happen to the articles that the lectures submit in IREP?

Self Deposit in IREP

How to do self deposit in IREP?

Importance of documents in IREP

Why it is important to deposit the documents of research and intellectual output to Institutional Respository (IRep)?

IREP: Problem faced by Librarians

What are the problem faced by the Librarians on dealing with the digital documents sent by IIUM academicians?

Faculty Publication Collection

What is the Faculty Publication' Collection?




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