Can student pursue two degrees at the same time?

No,they are only allowed to study one full-time degree at any one time

Can student change their mind and transfer to another educational institution?

If they wish to withdraw from their course/programme in the present college/university and to transfer to another approved educational institution in Malaysia, a release letter from the current college/university and an offer letter from the new college/university are required to support your application for a new student pass sponsored by the new college/university. The current college/university will arrange for the existing pass to be shortened prior to the issuance of the release letter. They are allowed to change university or course only twice.


At the end of my degree, can the student get admission into another educational institution for another degree programme?

What does variation mean?

Variation Applications happen when students wish to change to another course or another institution and it is not a progression or further study i.e. student does not complete the first course.

Student is studying CAT (Chartered Accountant Technician) and wants to continue his studies on ACCA (Association of Chartered Ce

Yes student needs to apply for a new student pass because it is considered a new course.

Change University


How many times student can change institution or course?


A student is allowed to change university or course twice - on the 3rd application student will be rejected

What should I do if I plan to defer my studies during the continue semester?

If you wish to defer your studies, you will have to return to your home country.

You have to report / inform the Visa Unit of your re-entry after the deferment period for advice on your next Student Pass renewal. 

Failure to comply with this procedure will result in the University having to notify the Immigrations Department and the Ministry of Higher Education to cancel your Student Pass



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