Communities of Practice (CoP)

A Community of Practice Approach to Delivering Research Support Services in a Post-92 Higher Education Institution: A Reflective Case Study

This article describes how a CoP approach to research support has evolved and examines the experiences of its members. Outlining the benefits of this approach, it discusses the factors enabling a CoP to flourish, considers barriers to success and suggests how the relevant directorates move forward to capitalize on the initiative. Lessons learned are provided for institutions in comparable positions who may wish to adopt a similar approach within research support. Read further at

eLearning within the Community of Practice for Sustainable Development

This paper demonstrates how the use of two knowledge management tools– eLearning and Community of Practice (CoP) – promotes the culture of managing by projects in public organizations toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  Read further at

The Concept of Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) is still new in the context of organisations in Malaysia.  This article, written by Elayne Coakes and Steve Clarke in 2006, elaborate the concept  of Communities of Practice in the workplaces.

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