Common Questions

What is the contents of CoP?

CoP is an in- house public basic of knowledge, skills and pratices conceptualised into text. It benefits all : the new, early career, junior, mid-level and senior staff.

Why CoP when we have structured teams like meetings and task force?

A team is held together by a task. The main source of trust and cohesion among them is their respective commitment and contributions to the task. When the task is accomplished the team disperse. In the performance of the task, members are likely to learn something but that learning does not define the team.

 A task fore is a special type of team pulled together to address a specific problem, usually of broad scope. Often people are selected in order to represent and organisation or a perspective in the negotiation of a solution. It is their commitment to the process that keeps them going and respect for the voices they represent that builds trust. 
A community of practice is held together by the "learning value" members find in their interactions. It is more of their engagement as individual learners that bind their participation. The trust members develop is based on their ability to learn together: to care about the domain, to respect one another as practitioners, to expose their questions and challenge, and to provide responses that reflect pratical experience. 

How will the communities gather?

This is up to each communities to decide. Individual CoP may organise its own activities. Other than lab sessions, workshop or conference calls organised by the department in-charge of CoP, likeminded members who want to engage in dialogue is encourage to do so in any participant place. The activities may include but not limited to experience sharing seminars, meetings for peer-supported learning, consultancy with experts, investigative studies into problems of concern, development and pilots of strategies to address problems, evaluation of achievement, and dissemination of outcomes through conference / publications or in-person meetings.

What would I expect to do in Cop?
CoP participation are expected to be actively involve in online forums and avail themselves of any CoP sessions. Interactions is the key to increases engagement. We are the community that emphasise on learning and sharing.




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