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Suggestion box: Room key

I am a master student, doing research. I have got compound 3 times just for being late to return the room key. Tonight, I need to pay for just being late 10 minutes only.

I hope you can understand that when I do my study and research like others we do less focus about time. In addition, Isya prayer time is quite late as the prayers ends around 9:15 - 9:20pm.

There is very short time. Therefore, we appreciate it if you can understand to return the key late as long as return on the same day. 

I really need the room as I can't leave my laptop out when I go for prayers, but paying RM5 for being late couple of minutes are too much.

Thank you.


Mohammed Idris Gaas / G1518525


Carrel Room Key; Fines for late return of Carrel Room Key

As you are aware, carrel room facility is among the heavily used facilities. Therefore, users have to strictly follow the return time of the key otherwise you will jeopardize other user who is booking the room. 

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